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We have Established Contacts with Leading Litigation Funders.
We have expertise to run commercial cases.
We have the expertise and connections to pull all the elements of a good case together.
Our years of experience enables us to make a quick assessment of your case's eligibility for funding.

If your case has merit, we can secure the funding that will allow your action to go forward.



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Do you have a good Commercial Case but

-- don't have the Money to take it to Court?

Your first consultation with us is free.

We’ll confer with you and give you feedback about your eligibility. As lawyers we can quickly make an assessment of the merits of your case and determine its suitability for funding by a Litigation Funder.

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The Four Elements Of A Good Case Suitable For Litigation Funding

Finding Funding To Support Your Case

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Litigation funding is now a well established business in the Australian legal marketplace. You will consistently see newspaper reports about many significant legal actions that are being underwritten by litigation funders. These funders pay the costs to take an action to hearing including adverse costs if your case is unsuccessful. In return these funders seek a commercial percentage of the recovery sum from a settlement or court judgment in your favor. If the claimant loses the case the funder bears the costs. The funder looks for a return that reflects the risks taken.

Litigation Funding is needed in cases where a person or company has a good legal claim but lacks the financial resources to pursue it or provide security for a costs order.

To move forward you will require a well prepared legal brief of the action identifying the nature of action, damages assessment and usually a barrister’s opinion of the merits of the case.

Compiling a legal brief is an expensive process and we know that many claimants don't have the funds to even instruct a lawyer to present their case for funding determination.

Given our experience and connections with litigation funders, we can offer a frank and fast assessment whether your commercial case is likely to receive funding support BEFORE you spend any money.

Contact us for a quick assessment of your case's eligibility for litigation funding. click here

It's free !!!... Unlike other litigation lenders in the market place we are also commercial lawyers. When you phone us, you speak to a lawyer, not a data entry person.

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